Gluten-free wafers from Helwa
Glutenvrije wafels - Helwa Wafelbakkerij

Discover our gluten-free wafers

Wafers for anyone who wants to eat (completely) gluten-free... Those are our gluten-free wafers! We have been producing gluten-free wafers since 2008. Due to the use of various gluten-free flours, the wafers are completely gluten-free. Obviously just as crispy and delicious in combination with chocolate and the soft cream fillings.

Why gluten-free wafers from Helwa?

  • 100% gluten-free
  • Responsible ingredients
  • Guaranteed crispy wafers
  • Packed in your own design
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Our gluten-free wafers

Interested in our gluten-free wafers?

Within the gluten-free range we have both chocolate products and unchocolated products. A lot is possible thanks to Helwa’s years of experience in baking gluten-free wafers.

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"Gluten is not necessary to make wafers deliciously crispy."

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