We are the wafer family
Helwa wafelbakkerij - wafels

We are the wafer family

At Helwa, we have been striving to bake perfect wafers since 1953. What we do, we do well. And we always try to do better than yesterday.

Private label wafers for everyone

As a wafers specialist, we think along with you. We create wafers that keep your customers coming back. Because we believe there is a wafer for everyone that they love.

Give your customers the most delicious for everyone

What can we help you with? We have been trying to answer that question for our clients since our inception. The wafer is a versatile product. We enjoy playing with trends, flavors, textures and packaging.

We are happy to think along with you every step of the way, in fact we have been doing so for years. We are flexible, provide customization and unburden you. This way your customers will get the most delicious wafers.

Private label wafels

What can we do for you?

We build long-term relationships with our partners. We are proud of that. If something is not yet possible, we look for ways how we can make it happen. Our years of experience have taught us: there is always a solution.

Our history

Ever since our “old man”, Wieger Hellema, started baking wafers, we have been doing everything to make perfect wafers. Even the name is a combination of Hellema and wafers. Within our family business, the third generation is now at the helm. And just as we are there for our family, we do the same for our customers and colleagues.

Private label wafels - Helwa
Establishment of Helwa Bakery
Wieger Hellema establishes ‘Biscuit factory Helwa’ on the Zwette in Leeuwarden.
Private label wafels - Helwa
Doeke Hellema at the helm
After training in the bakery starting in 1976 and baking courses in France and America, Doeke takes over.
Private label wafels - Helwa
Factory in flames
A major fire destroys the entire production. The emergency location is active within four weeks, meaning no customers are lost.
Helwa wafelbakkerij - Productie wafels
New premises
The new location in Hallum opens its doors. To this day this is where we bake our wafers.
Helwa wafelbakkerij - Productie wafels
Doubling of business
Because things are going well, the company’s square footage is doubled. More room for even more wafers.
Private label wafels - Helwa
Sisters on the move
Doeke’s daughters are taking over. Sisters Welmoed, Maaike and Dieuwke make up the new management.
Private label wafels - Helwa
Expanding again
A new factory hall is being built at the back of the plant. This will be a gluten-free production hall.

Strategy: private label wafers

As a private label wafer bakery or manufacturer, we bake wafers for retailers and other brands. As a company, we are invisible: we craft our wafers in recipe and packaging to match our customers’ brand experience. Our signature is found in the wafers.

  • Thinking in possibilities
  • Years of experience
  • Specialist in wafer making
  • Up to date on trends

Where to find us

Our wafers are eaten all over the world. You will find us in the supermarket, but there is a good chance that we have also made your favorite wafer candy bar.

News at Helwa

This is what happens in the world of wafers.

  • Helwa at Foodex in Tokyo
    Our Export manager Geert is currently in Tokyo along with Export partner and fellow traders to explore the Japanese market. At the Foodex trade fair, Geert will spend the next few days representing Helwa and assessing whether Japan is ready for our delicious wafers.
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  • First milestone for expansion
    We’ve reached a milestone in our pursuit of growth! On the 17th of January ‘24 we conducted the groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of our bakery. With enthusiasm, Doeke Hellema pressed the button, symbolically paving the way for this step towards growth.
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