Wafers without added sugars
Wafels zonder toegevoegde suikers - Helwa

Discover the wafers without added sugars

Everything people want from wafers and without added sugars. Perfect for responsible moments of enjoyment. Even without sugar, the possibilities with our wafers are endless. Always nice and crunchy, always without sugar...

Why choose wafers without added sugars?

  • Always responsible
  • Choice of chocolate
  • Different types of sweeteners
  • Packed in your own design
Wafels zonder toegevoegde suikers - Helwa Wafelbakkerij

Our wafers without added sugars

Interested in our wafers without added sugars?

Actually, all our wafers can be made without added sugars. A wafer is an extremely suitable product for varying sweetness and taste.

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"Great to offer as a responsible snack."

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