Traditional wafers from Helwa
Traditionele wafels Helwa

Discover our traditional wafers

The classic, crispy wafer that many people grew up with. We have been baking traditional wafers since our founding. Over the years we have been able to come up with and bake many variations. Something for everyone.

Why choose our traditional wafers?

  • Guaranteed crispy wafers
  • Different types of filling
  • Possible own recipe
  • Packed in your own design
Traditionele wafels Helwa

Our traditional wafers

Interested in traditional wafers?

The base is the same, but at Helwa there is always the option to put your own spin on the recipe, filling, coating or packaging.

Helwa wafelbakkerij sinds 1953

“Thanks to the wide range, I can find a perfect wafer for all my different types of customers.”

Wafels zonder toegevoegde suikers - Helwa Wafelbakkerij

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