These wafers are extra special
Specials wafels Helwa

Interested in the specials?

These wafers are extra special because of the addition of lots of chocolate and toppings. Everyone loves the lightness, creaminess, crisp and the goodness of chocolate. Deliciously crunchy as you expect from our wafers, but packed with chocolate.

Why choose our special waffles?

  • Delicious crispy wafers
  • Full of chocolate
  • Choose your own cream filling and topping
  • Packed in your own design
Special wafels Helwa

Our special wafers

Interested in the specials?

The basis of our specials speaks for itself. And there is room to vary in types of chocolate, cream filling and toppings. Create your own favorite.

Helwa wafelbakkerij - wafels

"It's nice to have something special on the shelves for my customers."

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