Wafer mix

The wafer mix is also a recommendation for your shelf. The mixed pack contains 5 different variants that you can compile completely for your own label.

Wafer mix is an assortment of 5 varieties of crispy cream filled wafers. Our standard 250g pack contains the following delicious crispy wafers:

  • 5 Coffee wafers
  • 10 Frou Frou wafers
  • 6 Java (vanilla) wafers
  • 10 Chocolate wafers
  • 6 Hazelnut wafers

Possibilities Wafer mix

You can adapt this product to your own requirements. This means you can choose your own:

  • type of wafer sheet
  • type of filling
  • size of the product
  • coating
  • packaging

Your own label on this product?

Contact us to talk about the possibilities of this wafer product for your customers.

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