Green tea bar

A healthy lifestyle is not always solely based on consumer’s own decision. There is a growing awareness of certain deficiencies like vitamin B12 and intolerances like for gluten. We can offer you gluten free bars and e.g. functional bars for blood sugar regulation in which vitamins, minerals and green tea extract is included. But also bars especially for children, pregnant women or elderly people.

The Better 4U Green tea bar is a crispy wafer bar filled with chocolate cream and enrobed with a coating of Belgian milk chocolate. The chocolate and cream are free from added sugars. Functional ingredients, like green tea extract, have been added to the cream.

  • no added sugars
  • added fibers
  • added vitamins, minerals and green tea extract

This wafer bar is single packed and available in 30g.

Possibilities Green tea bar

You can adapt this product to your own requirements. This means you can choose your own:

  • type of wafer sheet
  • type of filling
  • coating
  • packaging
  • size of the product

Your own label on this product?

Contact us to talk about the possibilities for this wafer product for your customers.

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