High protein grows rapidly into mainstream

High protein foods continue to grow rapidly and into mainstream now as well across all mainstream food categories.

The protein trend is exploding very rapidly – beyond established categories now extending to retail categories such as bakery and snacks, and also into food service.

Recent research at Innova Market Insights agreed that the consumer trend for protein has hit Europe in mainstream segments. 

Several target groups

Energy, saturation and weight management are position platforms with mass appeal. Nowadays consumers are looking for healthy snack alternatives.

Another growing market is among the elderly, suggesting that better protein nutrition would help prevent malnutrition among this group, which accounts for 20% of the population in Germany; 16,5% in France and 16,3 % in the UK. This is total of 30 million people.

Opportunities already exist beyond sport enthusiasts – more protein is required for kids & teens, young women who may be pregnant, and also for seniors, to slow muscle loss due to ageing.

A recent article in The Grocer endorses this.

Enduring trend

It’s clearly an enduring trend, not simply a fad, and therefore at Helwa we have started the development of high protein wafer products. 


Would you be interested to look into possibilities with Helwa for your brand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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