Better 4U

Smart snacking and ‘on the go’ are fast growing trends. Are you looking for a healthy snack, a meal replacement bar, a protein sports bar or a gluten free snack for your customers? Then the Better4U products are a perfect choice. Helwa has developed a range of ‘better for you’ wafer products. You can choose from the different products that are provided with a ‘Better4U’ packaging. This is especially interesting if you can not or do not want to invest in your own packaging. Of course you can also choose to fully assemble your wafer product and provide the packaging with your own brand and brand identity. Below you will find more information about the 4 product categories of ‘Better4U’.

Weight control


core values

  • 1. Production of crispy, filled wafer products
  • 2. BRC and IFS: high, guaranteed quality
  • 3. Custom made and own innovation
  • 4. For private labels and top brands
  • 5. Wide range, also for niche markets