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Success Free Time regular

Success Free Time regular

After the introduction of Free Time gluten free, Helwa successfully introduced Free Time regular.

Responding to the increasing demand for luxury products, some years ago Helwa developed a wafer with a filling of aerated chocolate instead of cream: Free Time.

Free Time consists of 2 small, crispy wafers covered by Belgian milk chocolate and filled with a bubbly chocolate filling. Besides, Free Time is free from artificial colour and flavour, so all natural!

Our standard packaging is a multi pack with 3 or 5 twin packs, but of course there are more possibilities for pack size.

Companies in many countries already responded positively to Free Time and in some of them this wafer snack is already available in stores.

For more information about Free Time or to find out your possibilities, please click here.

Published: 6th of August 2013

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