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Sugar free vanilla wafers

Who says you have to sacrifice sugar for taste? Our delicious and crunchy sugar free vanilla wafers contain all of the flavour of the original wafer without the sugar. Find out more about our sugar free wafers down below!

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Sugar free vanilla wafers made by Helwa

Increasing food awareness

Nowadays people are more health-conscious than they used to be. They understand that good health comes from good nutrition. Retailers confirm the increasing demand of products with a lower amount of sugar. To meet the demands of the consumer Helwa has developed special products with no added sugar, among which, the sugar free wafer. Discover our wide range of sugar free wafers for your brand!  

What makes our sugar free vanilla wafers so special?

With over 60 years of experience in the biscuit industry, our wafers have been a favorite of both young and old for many decades. The sugar free wafers are light, crispy and filled with mouth-watering vanilla filling. The sugar free wafers are also available with chocolate or lemon cream filling. The wafer sheets are tender and made with no artificial additives. For the production of our wafers we use unique recipes. A real treat for the taste buds! 

Other special products

Did you know we also produce gluten free and protein wafer bars? Read more about our special products here. Looking for a specific sugar free wafer for your brand? Thanks to our extensive experience in the production of traditional crispy wafers and our modern, flexible production facilities we are able to produce a sugar free wafer product that meet your requirements. You can adjust the type of wafer sheet, type of filling, coating and packaging. Do you have limited financial opportunities for developing your own packaging? Then discover the benefits of our “Better4U” brand.  

Why Helwa?

We have over 60 years or experience in producing top quality wafer products 

We produce delicious on-the-go products

We offer the original taste, but without the sugar

We offer a broad array of flavour varieties to satisfy every taste

Do not hesitate!

Want to know more about the sugar free vanilla wafers? Feel free to contact us! 

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