Protein Wafer Bar 20g - 20% protein

Protein Wafer Bar 20g - 20% protein

Bars don’t always have to serve a higher purpose. They can just be an indulgent snack but with no-added sugar, natural and healthy ingredients. We can also offer a bar with e.g. fruit filling and yoghurt coating. 

But unlike many other bars our bars also satisfy consumers craving for crunchy bars.

The Better 4U Protein Wafer Bar 20g is a crispy wafer bar with a filling of delicious cream, enrobed with real Belgian milk chocolate. The wafer bar does not contain any added sugars.

The Protein Wafer Bar 20g contains 20% protein and is therefore a perfect snack for in a protein diet or after exercising. 

  • no added sugars
  • source of fibers
  • rich in protein

Possibilities Protein Wafer Square

You can adapt this product to your own requirements. This means you can choose your own:

  • type of filling
  • coating 
  • packaging 


Packaging example

Your own label on this product? Contact us to talk about the possibilities for this wafer product for your customers. 

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